November 27, 28, and 29, 2009

The 8th Quebec City Animation Festival

A selection of the year’s best animated films.

ANTITUBE, CINÉMATHÈQUE QUÉBÉCOISE, and Kiwistiti animation collective are pleased to present a selection of the year’s best animated films featuring two programs of fare from the United States, France, Croatia, Latvia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Japan, Poland, Estonia, Canada, and Quebec

Auditorium 1, Musée de la civilisation (85 rue Dalhousie, Quebec City)

Event program

November 27, 2009, 8 p.m.
Pierre M. Trudeau: A Retrospective

Pierre M. Trudeau: A Retrospective

Garbage Angels, 2008.

Antitube pays homage to the inspiring career of Pierre M. Trudeau, who created animated films with the National Film Board and others for over 25 years. Trudeau himself will choose the short films that mean the most to him from his vast corpus. A special screening will showcase films rarely before seen on the big screen. And the work of other important animators like Jiri Trnka, Chuck Jones, Pierre Driessens, and Frédéric Back will be featured, to place Trudeau's work in context provided by these older masters. Pierre M. Trudeau will be in attendance to introduce his works and discuss them with audiences afterward.

Part 1

BAROQUE 'N ROLL 1994, 35 mm, 4 min. 29 s. Director. NFB.

KIDSTUFF 1990, 35 mm, 5 min. 45 s.Director. NFB.

SCIENCE PLEASE! 2000, video (series of three episodes). Director. NFB.

LA FÉE DES ÉTOILES À LA RECHERCHE DU PRINCE CHARMANT 1984, 3 min., S-8. Codirector/animator.

LAST CALL BLUES 1985, 3 min. 30 s., 16 mm. Director/producer. Concordia University.

BUSTON KEATER 1986, 5 min. 20 s., 16mm. Director/producer. Concordia University.

STE-PUCE 2007, 0 min. 9 s., video. Director. Pierre M. Trudeau enr.

TRIPES 2006, 1 min., video. Director Pierre M. Trudeau enr.

VISCERES 2008, 1 min., video. Director. Pierre M. Trudeau enr.

ENTRAILLES 2007, 1 min., video. Director. Pierre M. Trudeau enr.

GARBAGE ANGELS 2008, 5 min. 30 s., 35 mm. Director. Pierre M. Trudeau enr. Part 2: The Influences Air Paul Driessen, Canada, 1972, 2 min., 35 mm, NFB.

CRAC Frédéric Back, Canada, 1982, 15 min., 35 mm

SRC. Hand Jiri Trnka, Czechoslovakia, 1965, 19 min., 35 mm. For Scent-imental Reasons Chuck Jones, USA, 1949, 7 min., 35 mm.

November 28 and 29, 2009, 8 p.m.
International Program 2

International Program 2

Please Say Something, 2009

L'HOMME À LA GORDINI Jean-Christophe Lie, France, 2009, 10 min., silent, 35 mm. In a world where people don't wear underclothes or pants, just orange tops, a man and a woman form a radical opposition to this dress code. Hand-drawn. Audience Award, Madrid 2009. Best First Work, Annecy 2009. Production and distribution: Prima Linea Productions. THE SPINE Chris Landreth, Canada, 2009, 11 min., English, 35 mm. A 26 year marriage on the rocks: an obese wife dominates her spineless husband. 3D animation. Best film, Melbourne 2009. Production: Copperheart and National Film Board of Canada. Distribution: NFB. M Félix Dufour-Laperrière, Quebec, 2009, 8 min., silent, 35 mm. Nebulous shapes, at once abstract and familiar, move around and come together to create fascinating, architectural agglomerations. Hand-drawn, digitally edited. Production and distribution: Noir sur blanc Animation. GIT GOB Philip Eddolls, Quebec, 2008, 2 min., silent, DigiBeta. Two strange creatures discover a new hat. A learned discussion ensues, and in the end both see the world in a new light. Stop motion/puppets. Production and distribution: National Film Board of Canada. LE TIROIR ET LE CORBEAU Frédérick Tremblay, Quebec, 2009, 13 min., silent, DigiBeta SP. A young woman invites herself to the home of a young painter who is blocked and trying to forget the one that got away. Stop motion/puppets. Best Canadian Film, Ottawa 2009. Production and distribution: Frédérick Tremblay. PLEASE SAY SOMETHING David OReilly, Germany/Ireland, 2009, 10 min., En. with Fr. subtitles, DigiBeta. In a future world a cat and a mouse have a tortured relationship, going from passionate love to breakup. 3D animation. Best Narrative Short Animated Film, Ottawa 2009; Golden Bear for best short film, Berlin 2009. Production and distribution: David OReilly Animation. ROBES OF WAR/ROBE DE GUERRE Michèle Cournoyer, Quebec, 2009, 5 min., silent, 35 mm. A woman is internally scarred by the war. In her head, soldiers are advancing, crushing everthing in their path. Like a pieta she cries for her son and her brother. Hand-drawn. Production and distribution: National Film Board of Canada. MADAGASCAR, CARNET DE VOYAGE Bastien Dubois, France, 2009, 12 min., Fr. with En. subtitles, 35 mm. The film follows a western traveler who discovers the customs of Madagascar, including Famadihana funeral rites, with a mixture of interest and wonder. Hand-drawn, 3D computer and object animation. Audience Award, Ottawa 2009. INHERENT OBLIGATIONS (KAASÜNDINUD KOHUSTUSED) Rao Heidmets, Estonia, 2008, 10 min., 35 mm, SD. In the near future, the media play an even greater role in both social organization and collective alienation. 3D pixelation/stop-motion animation. Grand Prize, Ottawa 2009; Best Animated Film, Sienna 2008. Production and distribution: Nukufilm. VIVE LA ROSE Bruce Alcock, Canada, 2009, 5 min., 35 mm, VO. A moving French-Canadian folk song tells the story of tragic love in Newfoundland. 2D/3D animation/movement capture. Production: National Film Board of Canada, Global Mechanics. Distribution: NFB.

November 28 and 29, 3 p.m.
International Program 1

International Program 1

Chick (Laska) 2008

LE BÛCHERON DES MOTS Izù Troin, France, 2009, 11 min., Fr. with En. subtitles, 35 mm.In a country whose inhabitants feed on letters and words picked from trees, reading is a matter of life or death if you don't want to die of boredom. 2D computer animation. NOTE Marko Mestrovic, Croatia, 2008, 12 min., silent, Beta SP PAL. Three fantastic winter stories documenting father-son relationships in different social settings. 3D animation. Grand prize, Meknès, Morocco, 2009. Production: Kreativni Sindikat. Distribution: Zagreb Film.

CHICK (LASKA) Michal Socha, Poland, 2008, 5 min., silent, DigiBeta. A man falls under the spell of a femme fatale. A meeting that will mark his life to the end of his days. Moral of the story: beware of red, black, and white boots. 2D and 3D computer animation. Grand prize, student film, Ottawa 2009. Production and distribution: Platige Image.

KROKODILL Kaspar Jancis, Estonia, 2009, 17 min., Beta SP PAL. A former opera singer fallen on hard times is forced to don a crocodile costume to entertain children in a mall. 2D computer animation. Production and distribution: Eesti Joonisfilm.

RUNAWAY/TRAIN EN FOLIE Cordell Barker, Canada, 2009, 9 min., silent, 35 mm. On a crowded train, joyful passengers celebrate, without an inkling that a mad race awaits just around the corner. Hand-drawn and 2D computer animation. Special jury prize, Annecy 2009. Production and distribution: National Film Board of Canada.

INUKSHUK Camillelvis Théry, France, 2008, 9 min., silent, 35 mm. On the final day of life on the North Pole, a small Inuk man and a sarcastic bear witness the transformation of their once-white universe. Hand-drawn, drawing on film, 2D computer animation. Production: SIP Animation. Distribution: Les Films à carreaux.

WINGS AND OARS (SPARNI UN AIRI) Vladimir Leschiov, Latvia, 2009, 6 min., silent, 35 mm. A former airplane pilot relives a moment in his past: the earth, the sky, and a woman. He especially remembers a flight between the aerodrome and a beach resort. Hand-drawn, 2D animation. Best animated film, Eksjo, Sweden, 2009. Production: Lunohod Animation Studio. Distribution: National Film Center of Latvia.

THE BLACK DOG'S PROGRESS Stephen Irwin, United Kingdom, 2008, 3 min., silent, DigiBeta. Unsettling events that bring back memories of sadness and violence are told through a series of flipbooks laid out in a mosaic pattern. Hand-drawn, 2D animation. Best Animation Design, Amsterdam 2009. Production: Animate Projects. Distribution: Lux Distribution.

THÉ NOIR Serge Elissalde, France, 2008, 4 min., French, 35 mm. How can a simple cup of tea bring on a horrible anxiety attack? The film answers this unlikely question. Hand-drawn, 2D animation. Production and distribution: Les Films de l'Arlequin.

DIALOGUE (DIALOGOS) Ülo Pikkov, Estonia, 2008, 5 min., silent, 35 mm. A chaotic, visceral film and a scathing, mocking look at our contemporary high-tech society. Drawn on film. Production and distribution: Eesti Joonisfilm.

CHAINSAW MAID Takena Nagao, Japan, 2007, 7 min., silent, Beta SP. When an immaculate blue house is invaded by zombies, a maid picks up a giant chainsaw to save her employer and his daughter. Claymation. Production and distribution: Gauguins International.

November 28, 2009, 10:30 a.m.

Family Program

Operation Cuckoo, 2002

A program of Pierre M. Trudeau's children's films, outstanding for their subtlety and the light touch used to convey their social message. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for young audiences to see this program of inventive, trailblazing films under optimal conditions. The director will be in attendance to meet children, tell a few stories, and explain the main techniques used to make these films. CUCKOO, MR. EDGAR! 1999, 13 min., 35 mm. Director. NFB. OPERATION CUCKOO 2002, 13 min., 35 mm. Director. NFB. RUZZ AND BEN 2004, 26 min., 35 mm. Animator. NFB/JPL Film. 1, 2, 3 COCO 1991, 3 min. 37 s., 35 mm. Director NFB. GARBAGE ANGELS 2008, 5 min. 30 s., 34 mm. Director. Pierre M. Trudeau enr.

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