Outdoor Animated Cinema with Bivouac Urbain

Outdoor screenings of short animated films, an Antitube–Bivouac Urbain collaboration. Vive le Bivouac! Popcorn and chairs are available (though you can still bring your own).

This year’s program looks at the myriad technical innovations in animated film over the last half-century though a sampling of Quebec and Canadian films, especially those produced by the National Film Board of Canada. From Norman McLaren’s first attempts at 3D in the early 1950s to the mind-boggling works of Co Hoedeman, some of which are made with sand, these works explore the whole range of animation techniques that has only grown in diversity with the advent of new technologies. But technology itself doesn’t innovate: innovation happens when artists take an interest in technologies capable of expressing the essence of their work. 


Friday, August 6, 2010, 9 p.m.

Event program

Friday, August 6, 2010, 9 p.m.

The common theme of the films shown in the tenth Bivouac Urbain is movement in space, i.e., paths and movement within a given space. While this could be said of most animated film—think of how Co Hoedeman saturates the frame, or how Paul Driessen empties it out—this framing orients the viewer, providing a sense of direction and transition from one image to the next. Broadening the time period and range of styles on display shows how animation mirrors what is happening in contemporary video and electronic arts, particularly in their relationship with play. On that note, it’s time to set off yourself to discover these important, innovative, joyful films.



List of Films (subject to change)

- Around is Around, Norman Mclaren, 1952, 10 min.

- Now is the Time, Norman Mclaren, 1952, 3 min.

- Drux Flux, Theodore Ushev, 2008, 4 min.

- Tower Bawher, Theodore Ushev, 2005, 4 min.

- Moon Man, Paul Morstad, 2004, 3 min.

- Terra, Alan Pakarnyk, 2005, 5 min.

- Falling in Love Again, Munro Ferguson, 2003, 3 min.

- June, Munro Ferguson, 2003, 7 min.

- Dead Ringer, Michael Maryniuk, 2009, 3 min.

- Télé-tuerie, Chris Hinton, 1995, 5 min.

- Flux, Chris Hinton, 2002, 7 min.

- The Sand Castle, Co Hoedeman, 1977, 13 min.

-Au bout du fil, Paul Driessen, 1974, 10 min.

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