Antitube takes over Oeil de Poisson for a night to celebrate the creative possibilities of video.

 To celebrate 25 years of  Oeil de Poisson, a contemporary art production and gallery space, Antitube is screening a series of videos by artists who have left a permanent mark on their medium. From a portrait of Nam June Païk, founder of video art, we will trace the medium’s development over the decades, especially in Canada. Also a chance to examine what is happening in video art today, and where it fits into the current contemporary art world.

Friday, September 17, 2010, 8 p.m.

At the main gallery, Oeil de Poisson.

580 côte d'Abraham, Quebec City (Coopérative Méduse)

Free admission


Event program

September 17, 2010, 8 p.m.


Play it again Nam

Jean-Paul Fargier, France, 1990, 30 min.

A forerunner to Nan June Paik’s pathbreaking work, this video by an intimate of Yoko Ono and John Cage is filmed in a variety of settings that display the artist’s creative spirit and vision.



Istvan Kantor, Canada, 1993, 8 min.

A socially critical video inspired by Andy Warhol’s famous film of the same name: a five-minute shot of a sleeping man.



Istvan Kantor, Canada, 1992, 11 min.

A political statement on homelessness in New York City and its accompanying social tensions.


Le voleur vit en enfer, Robert Morin, Canada, 1986, 18 min.

A milestone in Morin’s work treating the voyeurism and solitude taking hold in urban social life.


Papillon cerise

Sylvie Laliberté, Canada, 1997, 8 min.

L'Outil n'est pas toujours un marteau

Sylvie Laliberté , Canada, 1999, 9 min.

Two shorts from Sylvie Laliberté, brilliant producer of ironic, personal autofictions.

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