Rediscovered Films

of the Quiet Revolution

Antitube and Cinémathèque québécoise are proud to present two films that shed new light on this period of change that laid the foundation for today’s Quebec. It is high time to take a second look at these works that have often been unfairly pigeonholed and only been shown publicly a handful of times. What they share is a desire to shove aside prejudices to make room for an open-minded, sympathetic portrayal of 1960s youth. By letting young people express themselves, freely and with a refreshing honesty, these films are not far from Direct Cinema. Both are political statements, but also priceless documents of the spirit of their time.

Monday, November 15, 7:30 p.m., Musée de la civilisation

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November 15, 2010, 7:30 p.m.
Jusqu'au cou

Jusqu'au cou

Denis Héroux, Quebec, 1964, 75 min.

This film slipped under the radar in a period of creative ferment in the film world. With funding from the Université de Montréal student association, Héroux produced a work of undeniable artistic power and historical significance. With Jean-Claude Labrecque and Michel Brault behind the camera, music by Stéphane Venne, and Héroux doing double-duty as director and scriptwriter, what else could we expect? A docufiction with cameos from Gilles Groulx, Pierre Bourgault, Pierre Maheu, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Gérard Pelletier, Bernard Landry (as an FLQ member!), Bernard Arcand, and well-known extras like Marc Laurendeau, Pierre Nadeau, and Denys Arcand.

Jeunesse année zéro

Jeunesse année zéro

Louis Portugais, Quebec, 1965, 47 min.

The Quebec Liberal Party got more than it bargained for when it commissioned this portrait of young liberals: Premier Jean Lesage originally banned the film for being too subversive. We see the ambivalence of the era’s politically conscious youth divided between an increasingly vocal nationalist movement and the progressive, radical left wing.

Portugais was co-founder of the influential publisher Editions de l’Hexagone (with Gaston Miron, Gilles Carle, and others), as well as a writer, filmmaker, and producer drawn to social and political themes (Manger, codirected with Gilles Carle; Algérie 1962 – Chronique d’un conflit).    


Denis Héroux will be in attendance.

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