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Antitube is throwing a party!

To celebrate 20 years of Vidéastes recherché-es, Antitube was thrilled to create a program featuring the event’s greatest hits and unsung highlights. Commemorating a series that clove to the cutting edge meant pulling no punches: the ten video works gathered here walk the line from animation to deeply experimental fare. From films that play with abstract sound and image to those that create fantastic, iconoclastic fantasy worlds, each one stakes out new formal ground and thumbs its nose at narrative conventions.

A celebration at Le Cercle bar/restaurant

(228 rue St-Joseph)

5 p.m. – Friday, November 19, 2010 / Screening at 6 p.m.


Event program

November 19, 2010, 5 p.m.
Scène primitive

Scène primitive

Daniel Faubert

Genesis, Sonia Léontieff, 3 min.

Phototaxie, Mathieu Girard, 4 min.

Scène primitive, Daniel Faubert, 12 min.

C.L. Bleu, Charlélie-Loup Bergeron, 3 min.

Life after Death, Francis Théberge, 4 min.

Vermino, Nicolas Brault, 7 min. 15 s.

Thèmepeur, Patricia Pelletier and Marie-Claude Hébert, 6 min. 48 s.

Ya Golodua, Phrederic Desaulniers, 7 min. 30 s.

Pourquoi moi, Dominic Étienne Simard, 3 min.

Ravissants, Francis Arguin, 4 min. 34 s.

Le fumeur, Samuel Breton and Marjorie Langlois, 1 min. 47 s.

Papeterie, Simon Beaupré, 1 min. 16 s.

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