Antitube, La Rotonde contemporary dance center, and Danse.Mov present a double bill of dance films.

A unique opportunity to see dance in a new light and Voir Danser seek to make dance more accessible by bridging the gap between two worlds: live dance, where the body is explicitly confined to a space delimited by the stage, and the more complex, multidisciplinary sphere of video art. Our program features two choreographer/directors making the most of the limits and constraints inherent in their own forms by harnessing the fragmented nature of film’s formal language to free movement from its frame and slip the shackles of one-off, real-time live performance. Both films recall not only dance and film but also visual, performance, and multimedia arts; they put down roots in the fertile ground at the intersection of genre, a place where new artistic discourses and practices can grow and flourish.

Geneviève Allard, Curator

This program is made possible by the City of Quebec’s Première Ovation program.

April 2,16H; Program 1 ---- April 2, 20H, Program 2

Event program

April 2, 2011, 4 p.m.


Stéphanie Weber-Biron

In the treasure trove of her attic a young girl discovers a praxinoscope. Its animated pictures of a ballerina transport her from Paris to Montreal, a surrealist, magical land colored by Patrick Watson’s haunting soundscape. Gabrielle is the first film directed by Weber-Biron, cinematographer for both fiction and documentary film best known for her award-winning work with Xavier Dolan.



Thomas Freundlich and Valtteri Raekallio,(Choreographers/Directors) Finland, 2010, 14 min.

A windswept, silent landscape where ruins of houses evoke the forgotten dreams and wordless stories of the people who once lived in them. In North Horizon, Thomas Freundlich and Valtteri Raekallio contrast the movement of people and the stillness of the Arctic landscape, the fleeting yet lasting nature of human endeavor. The codirectors, winners of numerous grants and awards, represent the new generation of Finnish contemporary dancers.



Gydo Leytens(Director), Kristel van Issum (Choreographer), Netherlands, 2009, 12 min.

Tauperlen came out of the meeting of director Gido Leytens and Dutch dance company T.R.A.S.H., celebrated for dynamic, explosive performance unafraid to cross the line into violence. Inspired by the 2008 performance ISA, Tauperlen explores one of the dance troupe’s recurring themes: the impetuous ways lost souls in search of a body to inhabit respond to their distressing condition, confined to a purgatory where they are denied the glory of heaven and saved from the fires of hell, but condemned to wander for eternity, forgotten by all.



BODY OF WAR Isabel Rocamora (Director), England, 2010, 21 min.

Set on the site of the Normandy landing, punctuated by the accounts of active soldiers, the film deconstructs a fistfight and draws the spectator into a simultaneously brutal and intimate relationship. Defiantly refusing to stay within the confines of discipline, Body of War, like Isabel Rocamora’s other film and installation work, has been shown on television, at film and dance festivals, and in galleries and museums.

* Jury prize, Barcelona Image, Dance & New Media Festival, 2010.



Alla Kovgan and David Hinton (Codirectors), Nora Chipaumire (Choreographer), USA/England/Mozambique, 2008, 35 min.

The result of the encounter between choreographer Nora Chipaumire, interdisciplinary artist Alla Kovgan, and director David Hinton, who has won multiple awards for his work with physical theater company DV8. Filmed in southern Africa, Nora is a journey deep into the memory of the choreographer. Performances by musician Thomas Mapfumo and local artists of all ages recreate personal history.

* Grand Prix Experimental, St. Petersburg Open Cinema Film Festival,* Audience Award, Dance on Camera Film Festival, New York.

April 2, 2011, 8 p.m.


Nicolas Provost (Director), Belgique, 2003, 4 min.

Papillon d'amour revisits and reconfigures, through a mirror effect, a key scene of Kurosawa’s 1950 classic Rashômon. The angle of reflection determines the site of dance born of the ongoing metamorphosis of chrysalis-woman into butterfly. Provost, a known quantity in both the film and art worlds, elevates moving objects into works of art at once beautiful and pregnant with meaning; art, for him, is nothing other than the incessant search for beauty.

* Founding Director Award, Sundance Film Festival, 2004,* Best Use of Music in a Film, San Francisco International Film Festival, 2004,* Best Experimental Film, Athens International Film and Video Festival, 2005.



Wim Vanderkeybus (Director, Choreographer), Belgium, 2007, 65 min.

Here After is the eighth and latest dance film from Ultima Vez, notorious for their corrosive performances. Based on their 2005 show Puur, the film combines dance, theater, and Super 8 footage for an unhinged, horrendous Dionysian debacle. The show begins with what is surely the most inhuman scene in the Bible, the killing of newborn infants. The cruelty and pain of this act work their way into the bodies engaged in a dance-battle where they are thrown around, collide, and fall, fused together by violence in dangerously close relationships.

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