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Antitube is proud to associate with the 2012 edition of the Mois Multi event. By co-presenting Julien Maire’s Open Core performance and by presenting Écrans de veille during the Nuits numériques (digital nights) on February 17th and 18th, we are making a place for cinema within the world of the multidisciplinary arts. Even though the idea of these collaborations came completely naturally, we still needed to find creators that knew how to turn cinema into a living art form. The result is one of the highlights of our winter programming. 

Event program

February 3rd, 2012 / 9:00pm
Julien Maire: Open Core

Julien Maire: Open Core

Julien Maire is a mad genius, an enlightened surgeon of the cinematic machine. His famous performance Open Core will at last be presented to a Quebecois audience who will be able to discover the essence of his brilliant and iconoclastic work. Maire returns to the roots of cinema, not with nostalgia but by revealing the extreme modernity of his device, which combines interlocking elements, mirror effects, sound effects and powerful and atypical projections. The artist is extremely bold and he dares to compare himself to the artists of the Renaissance. He transforms his studio into a stage on which he reinvents cinema without the use of film or tape, for it is the camera, or the device, that creates the show.

Tickets are available from the Billetech network and in the entrance of Méduse (591 rue De Saint-Vallier Est). Visit to consult the ticket office’a hours of operation. 

February 17th and 18th/7:00pm to 11:00pm
Écrans de veille

Écrans de veille

Tori Foster

Écrans de veille: six short silent experimental films that question, each in their own way, the spectator’s perception of various moving images, whether they be documentary images (Foster and Lipman), pictorial images (Berry and Kennedy) or mirroring images.

The films will be presented continuously on screens facing De Saint-Vallier Street, freely visible to passer-by, favouring random encounters and creating sketches of intense, mysterious and humorous signs in the night.

Presented works:

“Refraction Series” by Chris Gehman / Canada / 10 min. / 2008 / silent / color

“Anamnesis” by Scott Berry / Canada / 3 min. 15 / 2009 / silent / color & b/w

“Casa Loma” by Ross Lipman / Canada / United States / 10 min. / 2010 / silent / b/w

“Downsview Station” by Tori Foster / Canada / 4 min. / 2011 / silent / color

“349 (for Sol LeWitt)” by Chris Kennedy / Canada / 1 min. / 2011 / silent /color

Ten Thousand Dreams by John Price / Canada / 8 min. / 2004 / silent / b/w

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