A Hint of Ecstasy

 Friday, October 19th, 2012 / 9:00pm


A Hint of Ecstasy? It's an interesting way to describe a programme that seeks to show something that is obvious but that is very difficultly shown in cinema. In its essence, ecstasy cannot be represented. It flirts with the unspeakable and the immaterial and is necessarily subjective. Ecstasy must scorn madness, question the normality of genders, break away from the body's uniqueness and stir up widespread repressed perceptions that make it difficult to live and feel differently. In fact, this programme could only be the fruit of animated and experimental filmmakers' imaginations.


- Guillaume Lafleur, programmist

Event program

October 19th, 2012 / 9:00pm

Image taken from You be mother

Thank you Jesus for the Eternal Present / an Owen Land film, USA, 1973, 6 min, Beta SP


"Thank you Jesus for the Eternal Present" uses collages to look at the oppositions between good and evil, interior and exterior, and material and spiritual life. Directed by one of the American underground and experimental scene's legends, this film was recently the main subject of a retrospective at the Harvard Film Archive.


Somnia_3, an Étienne de Massy film, Canada, 2008, 12 min, Blu-Ray


This film drifts through space and time as a young woman travels to different spaces and dreams of being elsewhere. Her destinations are similar to those visited in dreams: nebulas, stars and new constellations compose this fictive cosmography. It is the third film in the Somnia series and it presents viewers with a meteorology of the imagination.


La Différence, a Rita Kung film, Switzerland, 1999, 9 min, Beta SP


In this animated film, the heroine finds herself in a bar. She starts to daydream until she realizes that the bartender isn't who she thinks he is. Her confusion about his identity turns out to be exhilarating and for the best. Then the dream takes precedence over reality.


Mirage, a Chris Gallagher film, Canada, 1983, 7 min, Beta SP


In this joyful film, successions of contrasting images are juxtaposed until they create an organic movement that mixes representations of nature with sensual and touristic imagery. It even goes so far as to subvert advertorials on vacation destinations.


Knee For All, a Hannah Jickling and Kevin Hegge film, Canada, 2007, 4 min, Beta SP


This film could have been titled "In Praise of the Knee". It describes the knees of each and everyone. Then suddenly, the knee becomes a body part that contributes to the increase of desire. The entire film flourishes with intense and twisted irony.


Goodbye, a Daniel McIntyre film, Canada, 2010, 4 min, Beta SP


While working on the memory of different body odours, McIntyre invents a home-made and pastoral film form that was entirely filmed and edited in the "Phil Hoffman Independent Imaging Retreat" fashion, which comes from the famous Ontarian production company the Film Farm.


Nocturno, a Nioka Sassaki film, Canada, 2010, 6 min, Beta SP


From the empty to the full, isn't that the basic definition of mystical ecstasy? Sassaki starts with the banal representation of a woman's everyday life and turns the film's images into an endlessly transforming substance that borders on the sublime.


Unendangered, a Cameron Groves film, Canada, 2006, 4 min, Beta SP


This slightly licentious film borrows elements of crime film imagery and was shot in Super 8. It tells the shortened version of an absurd story and its only coherence is in its respect for the flashy conventions of the genre.


Mayhem, an Abigail Child film, USA, 1987, 20 min, DVD


In this film, Child seeks to critically examine gender representation in contemporary popular culture by creating a complex narrative with visual material similar to that used in the previous film by Groves. The film also pays tribute to film noir, soap operas and Mexican comic books.


You be Mother, a Sarah Pucill film, UK, 1990, 7 min, DVD


This stop-motion animated film seeks to make the animate and the inanimate, as well as liquids and solids, coexist in a hallucinatory space that demonstrates the violent rupture between the body and the mind and defies all logic.


Froglight, a Sarah Abbott film, Canada, 1997, 4 min, Beta SP


In cinema as in mysticism, magic is a matter of light. This film is a brilliant reflection on the creative process that unfurls with moving pictures and it seeks to combine abstract work on images and sound with a representation of the imagination as it is in its purest form—sensitive to that which cannot be seen nor touched.

Honourable Mention, Ann Arbour Film Festival, 2000.


Element of Light, a Richard Reeves film, Canada, 2004, 5 min, Beta SP


This film is a journey through sound and light. Paint is directly applied on the film, which is also enlivened with scratches. It creates a pictorial representation of the movement of the conscience.


The Curse of the Voodoo Child, a Steven Woloshen film, Canada, 2005, 4 min, Digibeta


With his distinctive organic take on animated films, Woloshen creates a rock 'n' roll-inspired amalgam of sexuality and birth. This film is a tribute to the unstoppable breath of life.


Self-Portrait in Mausoleum, a Ross Lipman film, USA, 2009, 1 min, Digibeta


Shot in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, this experimental film features both reflections and refractions. Using these two models to work on the images, Lipman seeks to capture the irrepresentable movement that takes place between life and death.


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