Antitube and the Cinémathèque québécoise present

The 11th edition of the Sommets du cinéma d’animation de Québec

From November 23th to 26th, 2012

The Sommets are an annual rendezvous for animated cinema fans. They offer a fine selection of productions from the four corners of the world. According to Marco de Blois of the Cinémathèque québécoise, "The opening films of the 2012 programmes bring us back to a substance whose popularity surprised us all: skin. The texture of skin, the caressing of skin, its aging and its exposure will all be featured."

Get ready for films for the young or the old, including rare auteur films and astonishing productions.

During these four days, the Roland-Arpin auditorium will come alive in Quebec City's Musée de la civilisation!

Event program

November 23rd / 1:30pm
Master Class with Franck Dion

Master Class with Franck Dion

This master class will be on screenwriting for animated films. French filmmaker Franck Dion will be accompanied by his co-producer Julie Roy from the NFB. His latest film, "Edmond était un âne", will be used as a basis for the discussion. As the art of screenwriting for animated auteur films isn't very developed in Quebec, this workshop should be quite educational and pertinent.


Reservations are required: 418 643-2158 or

November 23th / 5:00pm
A Happy Hour Presentation of Artist Lei Lei's work

A Happy Hour Presentation of Artist Lei Lei's work

Lei Lei is a young illustrator, graphic designer, graffiti artist, composer, and multimedia artist who specializes in animated films. Her work is influenced by visual codes from the 1970s and 1980s and it makes caustic comments on society and politics. With remarkable imagination, she combines the aesthetic of primitive video games with those of both brightly coloured and saturated advertisements and lowbrow art (pop surrealism). Her playful and unusual style is loaded with an amazing evocative power.

Presented in collaboration with La Bande Vidéo


Open to all, snacks and beverages will be available, at Le Cercle (228 St-Joseph Est)

November 23th / 8:00pm
Spotlight on Belgium

Spotlight on Belgium

 In collaboration with the Délégation Wallonie-Bruxelles and the Cinémathèque québécoise, Antitube presents a double programme dedicated to young Belgian animation filmmakers, offering a unique opportunity to see works that bear witness to their time, often with quirky humour and great expressiveness.


Le pont Vincent Bierrewaerts [Belgium, 2007, 14 min, 35 mm]

 L’évasion Arnaud Demuynck [Belgium, 2007, 9 min, 35 mm]

Jazzed Anton Setola [Belgium, 2008, 10 min, 35 mm]

De si près Rémi Durin [Belgium, 2008, 12 min, 35 mm]

Kin Zorobabel collective studio [Belgium, 2010, 11 min, 35 mm]

Les yeux de la tête Jérôme Cauwe [Belgium, 2011, 7 min, 35 mm]

The Appointment Yves Bex [Belgium, 2011, 10 min, DVD]

Daddy Don’t Forget Your Glasses Bruno Wouters [Belgium, 2012, 5 min, 35 mm]

Un spectacle interrompu Arnaud Demuynck [Belgium, 2011, 10 min, 35 mm, OVEST]



Télérific Voodoo Paul Jadoul [Belgium, 2006, 4 min, Beta SP]

Administrators Roman Klochkov [Belgium, 2006, 7 min, Beta SP]

Le voyageur Johan Pollefoort [Belgium, 2007, 6 min, Beta SP]

Zachte Planten Emma De Swaef [Belgium, 2008, 11 min, Beta SP]

Boomkruiper Dries Bastiaensen [Belgium, 2009, 5 min, Digital Beta]

Shattered Past Boris Sverlow [Belgium, 2011, 8 min, Digital Beta]

Dans le cochon tout est bon Iris Alexandre [Belgium, 2011, 5 min, DVD]

Flesh and Bones Manon Brûlé [Belgium, 2012, 7 min]

Si j’étais un homme Margot Reumont [Belgium, 2012, 5 min]

November 24th, 12:00pm / November 25th, 2:00pm
Family Programme // Une vie de chat

Family Programme // Une vie de chat

Alain Gagnol and Jean-Loup Felicioli [France - Belgium, 2010, Animation, 70 min, Color, OFV]

Dino is a cat who splits his time between two houses. In the daytime, he lives with Zoé, the daughter of a female police commissioner. During the night, he climbs onto the roofs of Paris along with Nico, who is a skilled burglar. Jeanne, the police commissioner, is up to her eyes in work. She must not only arrest the person who is responsible for multiple jewellery thefts, but also guard the Colosse de Nairobi, which is a giant statue coveted by Costa, the criminal who murdered her policeman husband. Their little girl has not spoken a word since this tragedy. One night, Zoé surprises Costa and his gang. Things escalate and a chase ensues. During that night, and until the next morning, all of the characters will cross each other's paths and either help or fight each other, as they are lead onto the roofs of Notre-Dame…

*Suitable for children 6 years of age or older


Presented by Télé-Québec

November 24th, 2:00pm / November 25th, 6:00pm
International Programme 1

International Programme 1

Total length: 79 min

Lay Bare Paul Bush [United Kingdom, 2012, 6 min, HDCAM, SD]


Quebec Premiere


This is a heterogeneous portrait of the human body that shows it as it is rarely seen: in our most intimate relationships with our family and lovers.




Viewpoint Hwangbo Sae-byul [South Korea, 2011, 7 min, HDCAM, SD]


Quebec Premiere


The dreams of a very sensitive young woman are brutally destroyed by her mother. This stab to her heart produces a defensive reaction: she grows a sort of protective cocoon made of hair on her head. The artist presents the inner world of a woman who is fighting against the traumas of her childhood.



Edmond était un âne Franck Dion [France-Quebec, 2012, 15 min, 35 mm, OFV]


This short animated film tells the moving story of Edmond, a quiet, short man and an efficient employee. When his colleagues put a dunce's cap on his head, Edmond has a revelation about his true nature. However, others are not able to understand his new identity. Franck Dion thoughtfully tells the touching story of this endearing dropout and addresses the question of difference in the face of social conformity.



The Pub Joseph Pierce [United Kingdom, 2012, 8 min, Digital Beta, OEV]


Kemi lives and works in a gloomy North London pub. As the alcohol flows, the distinction between what's happening in front of the bar and what's happening behind it becomes more and more hazy...



Modern no. 2 Mirai Mizue [Japan, 2011, 4 min, Blu-Ray, SD]


Quebec Premiere


We went there without any hesitation. We quickly built a world. But what does this world that we've created look like?

Drawing on paper.



Fleuve rouge, Song Hong Stéphanie Lansaque and François Leroy [France, 2012, 15 min, Digital Beta, OFV]


Three young brothers have just landed in Hanoi after having left their home village. They cross paths with a young police officer and a female street peddler near the Long Bien Bridge, which links the city to the countryside.


2D animation, live action PRODUCTION: Je Suis Bien Content DISTRIBUTION: Mikhal Bak


Sunny afternoon Thomas Renoldner [Austria, 2012, 7 min, HDCAM, SD]

Quebec Premiere

"Sunny Afternoon" is the product of a confrontation between a sort of avant-garde film and a sort of music video. Consequently, it challenges the taboos and stereotypes associated with each genre. Both avant-garde films and music videos use music and sound in a specific manner. "Sunny Afternoon" also marks the completion of a project that was undertaken 20 years ago.

Drawing, chronophotography, object animation, pixilation. PRODUCTION AND DISTRIBUTION: Thomas Renolder


Chemin faisant Georges Schwizgebel [Switzerland, 2012, 5 min, HDCAM, SD]

Canadian Premiere

This film uses images that interact with one another according to the Russian doll principle to sweep the audience up into the swirling thoughts of a lonesome traveller...




Villa Antropoff Vladimir Leschiov & Kaspar Jancis [Estonia-Latvia, 2012, 13 min, Beta SP, SD]

Canadian Premiere

Once upon a time there was a man who had nothing to lose but his dream. Unfortunately, a dangerous and extremely large body of water was standing between him and his dream. In order to make his dream come true, he embarks on a treacherous journey. But is what he finds at the end of this journey really what he was looking for?


November 24th, 4:00pm / November 25th, 12:00pm
International Programme 2

International Programme 2

Total length: 75 min

Bydlo Patrick Bouchard [Quebec, 2012, 9 min, 35 mm, SD]

Moussorgski's music has inspired "Bydlo", an animated short film by Patrick Bouchard. In this film, a powerful bull arises from the humid earth only to be immediately devoured by greedy and quarrelsome humanity.



Grain Coupon Xu An, Xi Chen [China, 2011, 19 min, Digital Beta, OVEST]

Canadian Premiere

During the Chinese Cultural Revolution, a disabled old man is forced to exchange his expertise for food stamps. A soldier promises him a better deal if he accepts to forge a special postage stamp for him.

2D (Flash) animation. PRODUCTION AND DISTRIBUTION: Xu Han, Xi Chen


Tram Michaela Pavlátová [France-Czech Republic, 2012, 7 min, HDCAM, SD]

Quebec Premiere

A tramway driver is absorbed in her humdrum routine until her desire transforms reality into a phallic and surrealist frenzy. Music, Maestro!

2D computer animation. PRODUCTION AND DISTRIBUTION: Sacrebleu Productions


Joda Theodor Ushev [Quebec, 2012, 4 min, HDCAM, OVFST]

A woman writes a letter to an imprisoned man.

Drawing, digital rotoscoping. PRODUCTION AND DISTRIBUTION: Unité centrale


Dawn of the Rainbow Katie Goodwin [United Kingdom, 2011, 4 min, DVD, SD]

Canadian Premiere

This animation was made from the original film leader of The Wizard of Oz (1939). The film starts with the drab real world in black and white and suddenly converts to colour as Dorothy finds herself in the Land of Oz.

Computer animation. PRODUCTION: Katie Goodwin


Le cosmos sauvera le peuple Patrick Lapierre [Quebec, 2012, 6 min, Blu-Ray, OVFST]

World Premiere

One night, as she is visiting the Russia of her childhood, a woman remembers the most far-off landscapes.

Charcoal, China ink, 3D animation. PRODUCTION AND DISTRIBUTION: Productions Tuya


Kali le petite vampire Regina Pessoa [Quebec-Portugal-France, 2012, 9 min, 35 mm, FV]

This short animated film tells the story of Kali, a little vampire who lives in the shadows. Now that he is old, he looks back on the day that he learned to accept his difference and carve out a place for himself in the world. Kali is personified by Oscar-winning actor Christopher Plummer in this fable that is as beautiful as it is moving. It is the final film in Regina Pessoa's trilogy on childhood.



Double Fikret Haiyang Wang [China, 2012, 4 min, Digital Beta, SD]

Canadian Premiere

This surrealist animation was made on two pieces of sandpaper that measured no more than 35" in length and 43" in width.



Le grand ailleurs et le petit ici Michèle Lemieux [Canada, 2012, 14 min, 35 mm, OFV]

A man travels from reverie to meditation and suddenly gets dizzy as he tries to understand the meaning of the world. In his little here-and-now, encircled by a wall, he wants to find the key to the mysteries of the great beyond. This Michèle Lemieux animated short film tells a refined philosophical tale that uses Alexeïeff Parker's pinscreen to create a metaphor for the universe and its atoms.

Alexeïeff Parker pinscreen. PRODUCTION AND DISTRIBUTION: NFB

Futon Yoriko Mizushiri [Japan, 2012, 6 min, Beta SP, SD]

Canadian Premiere

Wrapped in the futon... Memories come to mind, the future is imagined, the senses are awakened and sexual feelings are deeply ingrained... Everything pleasantly melts together. In the futon, the body seeks sensations...



Un spectacle interrompu Christophe Gautry, Arnaud Demuynck [France-Belgium, 2012, 10 min, 35 mm, OFV]

North American Premiere

Inspired by the languishing sounds of a barrel organ and the purring of his cat, the poet closes his eyes and slips into a mysterious dream. It is the final film in the Par les fenêtres trilogy.


PRODUCTION: Les Films du Nord DISTRIBUTION: Mikhal Bak


Chroniques de la poisse : comme des lapins Osman Cerfon [France, 2012, 8 min, Digital Beta, SD]

World Premiere

"Comme des lapins" (like rabbits) is the second film of the Chroniques de la poisse series (the Misfortune Chronicles). The fish-headed man continues to wander wistfully through the fairgrounds, where he randomly distributes his misfortune bubbles. Rabbits are rather important in this film, as its title suggests, but let's not forget about the crows. And if you see the film as a depiction of humanity going downstream, then you must have a twisted mind.

2D (Flash) animation. PRODUCTION: Je Suis Bien Content DISTRIBUTION: Mikhal Bak


Feral  Daniel Sousa [United States, 2012, 13 min, HDCAM, SD]

Quebec Premiere

One day, in the woods, a lone hunter finds a wild child. He takes him back to the civilized world, but this new environment makes the young boy hostile. He tries to adapt to it by using the same techniques that allowed him to survive in the forest.

Traditional 2D animation, computer animation. PRODUCTION AND DISTRIBUTION: Daniel Sousa

November 24th, 8:00pm / November 25th, 6:00pm
International Programme 3

International Programme 3

Length: 84 min

Paula Dominic-Étienne Simard [Quebec, 2011, 10 min, 35 mm, SD]


This film addresses the topic of urban violence in a very personal manner. Paula works on the corner of Sainte-Catherine and Theodore Streets. She tries to attract clients and interacts with passers-by. A client solicits her. She smiles and follows him.


Drawing, 2D animation.



Topo glassato al cioccolato Donato “Milkyeyes” Sansone [Italy, 2011, 3 min, DVD, SD]

This films offers a dark and surrealistic vision in which elements get lost in an endless whirlwind.




PRODUCTION: Donato Sansone


DISTRIBUTION: Autour de minuit



Le banquet de la concubine Heifang Wei [Quebec-France, 2012, 12 min, 35 mm, OFV]


This erotic animated short film explores the theme of jealousy. Emperor Li hosts a banquet to celebrate his favourite concubine Yang's beauty.


Traditional 2D animation on paper.







Beluga Shin Hashimoto [Japan, 2011, 6 min, HDCAM, SD]


Canadian Premiere


A poor girl suffers, even in her dreams.


Drawing on drawing tablet.




Oh Willy… Emma De Swaef and Marc James ROELS [Belgium-Netherlands-France, 2011, 17 min, HDCAM, SD]


Canadian Premiere


Willy is a plump and awkward man in his fifties. When he returns to the nudist colony where he grew up to take care of his dying mother, he is flooded with memories that aren't always good. When his mother dies, the experience turns into an emotional crisis.



November 26th, / 7:00pm


Sita Sings the Blues Nina Paley [United States, 2008, 82 minutes, OV French subtitles

Sita is a Hindu goddess and a devoted wife who has been repudiated by her husband, Rama. Filmmaker Nina draws a parallel between Sita's life and her own, as her own husband, who lives in India, ended their marriage with an email. This is a musical adaptation of the Ramayana, which is a famous epic in Hindu mythology. Sita sings the blues and blends ancient tragedy with contemporary comedy. Flying monkeys, monsters, dragons, gods, goddesses and winged eyeballs are choreographed to the music of 1920s jazz singer Annette Hanshaw.

Preceded by the short film "Aspects de la fausse vie", Alexandre Fatta (2012) - 4 m 12 sec. Guest: Alexandre Fatta

Presented by Spirafilm

Admission: 7 $ - 5 $ for students and members of Antitube, Spirafilm, CQAM and the Musée de la civilisation.

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